Mission and Vision

Dignity and Rights: Our Unwavering Commitment


In South Tyrol, we work every day to listen to people with disabilities, illnesses, or infirmities, by supporting their families, volunteers, and professionals who care for them, including guardians.


We want all vulnerable individuals, even those without a family network or trusted individuals to propose as their guardians, to still have the opportunity to choose, get to know, or rely on the Association's years of experience so that it can actively fulfill the role.


With professionalism, trust, respect, sharing, and listening, we work to ensure that the most disadvantaged people in our society are protected in their rights and equally recognized under the law for the realization of a life project aimed at their autonomy and self-determination.


Since 2010, the Association has been promoting activities such as information dissemination, awareness-raising, consultancy, training, advocacy, research, and networking with national and international institutions and local authorities to promote and support the rights of disadvantaged individuals.


We hope that the constitutional principles of solidarity and equality can be fully realized through the dissemination of a culture capable of defeating any form of discrimination regarding the protection of the most vulnerable individuals.

We work with determination to ensure that the social importance of the role and tasks of the support administrator is understood and recognized, to be carried out according to principles of freedom, hospitality, protection, attention to real needs, and promotion of autonomy for vulnerable individuals, fostering their inclusion and full participation in community life, in all its aspects.